bmw E24 E32 E34 525i 535 M5 635csi 735i Bbs Rim Wheel For Sale $49.99

bmw E24 E32 E34 525i 535 M5 635csi 735i Bbs Rim Wheel

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BMW E24 E32 E34 525i 535 540 M5 635CSi 735i BBS Rim Wheel 15 inch

You are bidding on a BBS Aluminum Rim / Wheel from a 1990 BMW E34 535i. The rim is in great condition. The wheel looked great on the car. The finish is in great in condition. It has minor curb rash but nothing serious. No major damage or anything like that. It is not bent and is straight and true. The rim was easily balanced and rode just fine. This is a 15" / 5 lug Rim. I was told the car went over 100MPH (unofficially) and this rim had no issues (vibration, noise, etc) whatsoever. There is one small spot that has to be mentioned. I am sure that when they mount the tires, they just dab a little sealant to ensure no air leaks. E24/E32/E34 parts are getting harder to come by. Replace a broken item or Keep this one as a spare for a fraction of what the dealership charges!!Part number:Light alloy rim, silver - 7JX15 - ET:20 - 36111179774  5 Lug - Style 5Part 36111179774 (Light alloy rim) was found on the following vehicles:E24 635CSi Coupe, M30, AUTO (5384) E24 635CSi Coupe, M30, MANUAL (5374) E32 735i Sedan, M30, AUTO (GB43) E32 735i Sedan, M30, MANUAL (GB33) E32 735iL Sedan, M30, AUTO (GC43) E32 740i Sedan, M60, AUTO (GD43) E32 740iL Sedan, M60, AUTO (GD83) E32 750iL Sedan, M70, AUTO (GC83) E34 525i Sedan, M50, AUTO (HD63) E34 525i Sedan, M20, AUTO (HC23) E34 525i Sedan, M50, MANUAL (HD53) E34 525i Sedan, M20, MANUAL (HC13) E34 525i Touring, M50, AUTO (HJ63) E34 530i Sedan, M60, AUTO (HE23) E34 530i Sedan, M60, MANUAL (HE13) E34 530i Touring, M60, AUTO (HK23) E34 535i Sedan, M30, AUTO (HD23) E34 535i Sedan, M30, MANUAL (HD13) E34 540i Sedan, M60, AUTO (HE63) E34 540i Sedan, M60, MANUAL (HE53) E34 M5 3.6 Sedan, S38, MANUAL (HD93) E34 525i Sedan, M20, AUTO (HC23) E34 525i Sedan, M50, AUTO (HD63) E34 525i Sedan, M20, MANUAL (HC13) E34 525i Sedan, M50, MANUAL (HD53) E34 525i Touring, M50, AUTO (HJ63) E34 530i Sedan, M60, AUTO (HE23) E34 530i Sedan, M60, MANUAL (HE13) E34 530i Touring, M60, AUTO (HK23) E34 535i Sedan, M30, AUTO (HD23) E34 535i Sedan, M30, MANUAL (HD13) E34 540i Sedan, M60, AUTO (HE63) E34 540i Sedan, M60, MANUAL (HE53) Buyer is responsible for correct fitment and application.

Please ensure to match part numbers when applicable!!SUMMARY OF STEPS RELATED TO DESIGNBOLT AUCTION:1) BID - Bid early and adjust your maximum bid accordingly.2) WINNER - If you are the lucky winner, then you will receive an invoice from DESIGNBOLT via Ebay. If you have won multiple items, please wait for your shipping discount (if applicable) to reflect on the invoice. 3) PAYMENT - Payment is made to DESIGNBOLT within 4 days of auction close. 4) EMAIL NOTIFICATION - Email is sent advising buyer that payment has been received and when the product will be shipped.5) FEEDBACK FOR BUYER - We are confident that you will love all of our products. We leave positive feedback as soon as payment is made. 6) SHIPPING - Occurs within 4 business days of payment (or less). It does go to 5 days for large items such as bumpers, dash boards, etc. Shipping charges are a flat rate. This is calculated very carefully and follows all Ebay rules and procedures regarding shipping charges. 7) DELIVERY OF ITEM - Product is received within 2-3 business days if USPS Priority Mail Domestic, 1-6 days if FedEx Ground or 6-10 days if USPS International Priority Mail. If it is International Standard Mail, please be patient. It can take up to a month for delivery. Tracking numbers are input into Ebay. 8) FEEDBACK FOR SELLER - This is an important step. Positive feedback ensures a discount to the seller. In turn, we can ensure great products to always be available for all buyers. Seller reputation is extremely important in the Ebay Community. If there is any concern, please always email first!!!!!  HAPPY BIDDING!!!

As with all auctions, feel free to email with questions or for higher resolution images. Check out my other auctions!!! [HERE]

BIDDING:1) Your winning bid is a sealed contract.2) Please do not bid if you have no intention of payment. That is just not cool. 3) If you have any issues related to the auction, feel free to email me before bidding.4) Higher resolution images can be requested at anytime.5) If you have a feedback of below 3, please email first before bidding if you are unsure or have questions. 6) DesignBolt reserves the right to cancel any bid for any reason. (ie item sold locally, etc)7) Make sure that you check with your local dealership to ensure that these parts are for your car. I list part numbers when available. 8) All parts are working when pulled unless mentioned otherwise. DesignBolt takes the time to mention the condition of parts in all auctions. It is the buyer's responsibility to ask about the auction. 9) DesignBolt ensures that all emails are answered as soon as possible. 10) You are bidding on products from enthusiasts. We take pride in our products and are more than willing to help out with advice, suggestions, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!11) For questions, please email: Philip at:

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS:1) All International bidders must contact DesignBolt first if an item does not list an international shipping price.2) No international MOs. 3) DesignBolt only accepts PAYPAL as payment from international bidders. It must be a verified Paypal Account. (this includes your address).4) DesignBolt is not responsible if you send cash in the mail. 5) DesignBolt charges a flat rate shipping charge. Please do not Negotiate shipping charges. 6) Shipping international may take up to a month in delivery time. Please be patient. DesignBolt will send an email letting you know when the item ships.7) DesignBolt keeps all receipts, customs forms and paperwork and can be requested by the buyer as needed.

AT AUCTION END:1) DesignBolt will send you an EBAY invoice with specific payment instructions.

SHIPPING (Lower 48 States & Canada):1) The shipping charge listed in this auction is a bulk rate for this item (within the lower 48 States). These charges are an estimate. If there is a price difference of more than $10, DesignBolt may send you an invoice for the actual shipping charge difference. Please do not negotiate shipping charges. 2) Shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska may be extra if the item is quite large. 3) DesignBolt almost always ships U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. DesignBolt reserves the right to use other shipping companies/methods such as FedEx Ground or UPS.4) All shipments are sent out before 12pm on business days. No shipping on weekends/Holidays.5) DesignBolt makes every effort to ship same day.6) The shipping charge listed in the auction is a firm rate unless you live in the DFW metroplex. A shipping discount may apply then. 7) DesignBolt does not combine shipping. A discount applies to multiple item purchase. If you have purchased multiple items, please wait until DesignBolt sends you an invoice. 8) DesignBolt offers shipping insurance as an option. It is up to the seller to determine if they need insurance. 9) DesignBolt does NOT offer local pickup unless mentioned otherwise.10) DesignBolt will not use your FedEX or UPS account to ship the item.11) Please do not buy an item and want to ship it to someone else. We ship to the winning bidder's Paypal/Ebay verified address. 12) Make sure your shipping address is updated in Ebay and Paypal. Returned Packages will incur an additional shipping charge to send it back to you.

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PAYMENT:1) Payment is expected 4 days after auction end for the winning bid.2) DesignBolt prefers PayPal for payment. It is the fastest and safest method. 3) DesignBolt no longer accepts Personal Checks. 4) MOs are not accepted5) If a circumstance exists concerning payment, please notify DesignBolt as to when payment will be received.6) DesignBolt opens an unpaid item dispute with Ebay after the 4th day of nonpayment. Ebay's Policy Regarding Unpaid Item(s):If you don't pay for an item within 4 days of winning it or using Buy It Now, an unpaid item case may be opened. Remember that you commit to pay when you buy or bid successfully on an item.

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RETURNS & EXCHANGES:DesignBolt is in the business of making and keeping long term customers. We stand behind all of our parts. 1) DesignBolt will exchange (at our discretion) a DOA part within 14 days of auction end. Please do not come back months later with requests. 2) ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless an item is not properly described (DesignBolt decides on what is not properly described). There are exceptions to this and those refunds incur a 25% restocking fee.3) Please note: DesignBolt has high resolution pictures of all parts before shipment. 4) Shipping charges both ways are not refundable in the event of a return!!!

FEEDBACK:1) Upon completed payment, DesignBolt will leave positive feedback for the buyer. DesignBolt does not wait until the buyer leaves feedback first. We are that sure that you will love the item. (There are exceptions.)2) Before leaving neutral/negative feedback, please contact us so we can resolve the issue/dispute. Please do not leave this type of feedback before contacting us first. 3) In the Ebay community, feedback is important to a seller for their reputation. In any situation, there is always a positive outcome. FEEDBACK CHANGES:1) DSR's (detailed seller ratings), are the 1-5 star rating thing that you can fill out in addition to feedback.  Please note that a 4 star rating is considered 'average' by Ebay, and if you feel we have truly done everything in compliance with the details of this listing and our terms and conditions a 5 star rating should be used (which we hope you will do for us), or at least communicate an issue you may have with us so we can correct it for you. 


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-->DSR COMMUNICATION:  We will always answer any question that is sent to us through the SEND MESSAGE TO SELLER option through Ebay.  All e-mails are answered within 24-72 hours.  You will receive a copy of your invoice from our company via e-mail once your payment has been received and your order has been entered into our system.

-->DSR SHIPPING TIMES: Shipping times can be slow on large/heavy items and sometimes we have to get special materials for safe transit.  Some used parts may have to be pulled from the car and can take up to 5 business days to ship.  East coast (us) to west coast can take 5-10 business days, and there is no set time on any international deliveries with the US Mail.   Tracking numbers will automatically be e-mailed if DHL or UPS shipments options were selected at the time of the order.

-->DSR SHIPPING COSTS:  Please note that shipping is based on cost with USPS, plus wages/materials to pay our shipper/staff. Paypal and Merchant Accounts charge us 4% to receive payments on shipping which is factored into the requested amount of the shipping total.  Shipping cost is always a grey area and open to personal opinions, but we have it pretty well figured down to 'cost' after eight years.

Please NO NEUTRALS. We would rather have NO FEEDBACK than NEUTRAL.

**NOTE TO FELLOW ENTHUSIASTS:1) Once an item is received and installed on your automobile, a Fellow Ebayer is welcome to email photos of their Ride to be part of Our RIDE GALLERY. [HERE] 2) If you would like your car showcased, please email a description of your automobile with the photos. 3) Not all cars will be showcased.

If you do not agree/abide to the above Terms and Conditions, Please DO NOT BID!

Most Importantly, thanks again and HAPPY BIDDING!!!DesignBolt

bmw E24 E32 E34 525i 535 M5 635csi 735i Bbs Rim Wheel

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Current Price: $49.99 | Bid $49.99 Now! | # of Bids: 0
End Time: 2011-05-05T20:16:54.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 75240

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