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For longer than 35 years, BBS have been successfully producing high-performance lightweight alloy wheels

BBS The Begining in 1970 Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand founded a small production plant in Schiltach manufacturing plastic chassis parts. The initials of the two founders and the location of the plant resulted in the business name BBS.

In 1972 The business started to produce a brand new variety of three-piece racing rims. With just a few yrs, the new technology resulted in guaranteed victory in the world of motorsport. What begun as just a thought quickly became a thriving manufacturing firm.

In 1983 BBS took its success of the three-piece racing wheels and perfected it for series production to be used on typical roads. The RS wheel came to be. This wheel flew off the shelves to become a complete hit. Within the same year, BBS also founded the subsidiaries BBS of America und BBS Japan Ltd.

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