89 90 91 92 93 94 95 Bmw 525i Wheel 15×7 Bbs Diamond Spoke For Sale $55.00


89 90 91 92 93 94 95 Bmw 525i Wheel 15x7 Bbs Diamond Spoke

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89 90 91 92 93 94 95 BMW 525I WHEEL 15X7 BBS DIAMOND SPOKE


This part will fit the following models with the following options:
BMW 525i 89-92 15x7, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 525i 93-95 15x7, alloy, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 530i 94-95 15x7, alloy, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 535i 89-92 15x7, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 535i 93 15x7, alloy, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 540i 94-95 15x7, alloy, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 635CSi 89 15x7BMW 735i 89-92 BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 740i 93-94 15x7, alloy, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 750i 89-92 BBS (diamond spoke)BMW 750i 93-94 15x7, alloy, BBS (diamond spoke)BMW M6 87-89 15x7 

Please note that eBay, and not us may provide you with information before the start of our listing. Do not rely upon that information for purchase. Please use the information above in red if available.

Donor Vehicle:

Model:   BMW 525i

Year:     1992



Interchange Number:   560-59168

Part Number:   18314

Vehicle Stock #: LC1123 

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We are a low volume specialty auto recycling operation dismantling approximately 200 vehicles per year. We try to be different than the other yards by going the extra mile for our customers. We take pictures of parts that have been removed from the vehicles. Provide you with part numbers when possible so you will be assured of an exact match and we save the hard to find items that other yards discard because they are just too much trouble to keep.  It's your choice who you purchase parts from and we respect you as a customer and your business. We are a small family owned business and not a faceless corporation. Our inventory contains thousands of parts and we are here to help you via messaging or phone at 724-824-1444 from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Other Information

* It is your responsibility to know what you are ordering and that it fits your vehicle, not ours. The information provided above the start of our listing is often wrong and is not supplied by us. Use that information as a guide only. There is a 20% restock fee on non-defective returned parts. This includes parts incorrectly ordered, parts partially paid for and then cancelled and/or parts that are no longer needed. Call us at 724-824-1444 if you need assistance before you order. We can get you a part number to compare if needed.

BEST OFFER: Our prices on eBay are higher to reflect the higher costs assiciated with eBay sales. We sell everything cheaper somewhere else, but we accept a Best Offer on some of our items if it's reasonable. That being said, if the part has a Best Offer option please ensure that you make us your "Best Offer" that is realistic in nature. If it's a "low ball offer" we will not respond. If we accept your best offer we will counter your offer by one cent. Please don't take offense, may people who make best offers never intend to pay and due to the nautre of eBay it leaves us trying to contact a person who no longer has any intrest in a purchase.

* We don't cancel orders once you place the order. Please do research before you order.

* You will recieve the part you order. Don't automatically expect extras such as bushings on a sway bar, brake pads on a caliper, bulbs in a taillight or screws for the visor that you ordered.

* All orders must be shipped. International shipping is available. Call us for a quote if necessary. ANY CUSTOMS FEES, DUTIES OR TAXES are the responsibility of the buyer.

*If you contact us by message please give us one business day to respond. If you need it now, shipped out the same day or need to be shipped international you must call us at 724-824-1444. It may take up to 2 business days to ship your online order.

* Free shipping items ship out the most economical way possible. If your item is listed as eBay fast and free please understand that this is NOT A GUARANTEED SERVICE and only a guideline. If you need it now or shipped express - see above.

* We do not warranty or guarantee the condition of any rubber boot, u-joint, bushing, ball joint boot, rubber part, trim or brake rotor. We recommend that you replace these items. ECMS, INSTURMENT CLUSTERS AND RADIOS might need programming. Please know what you are ordering and if it needs programming.

* Body panels and trim panels are sold as-is with no returns. If you need a new hood or fender etc please buy a new one. These are used parts and they will show wear. We don't guarantee any paint, plastic part or trim panel to match. 

* We guarantee our parts to work if they are not sold AS-IS. We don't necessarily guarantee that they will fix your problem beacuse you misdiaganosed your vehicle or don't know what you are doing. Please pay attention to the specific return policy for the part you are ordering. Returned parts will carry a restock fee if applicable.



89 90 91 92 93 94 95 Bmw 525i Wheel 15x7 Bbs Diamond Spoke

Check out this great auction!

Current Price: $55.00 | Bid $0.00 Now! | # of Bids: 0
End Time: 2013-04-02T21:47:58.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 16117

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