18″ Bbs Rs2 Rsii Wheels Fits Many Toyota, Honda, Mazda 5×114.3 +40et Beautiful For Sale $1298.00

18" Bbs Rs2 Rsii Wheels Fits Many Toyota, Honda, Mazda 5x114.3 +40et Beautiful

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Pictures are of actual wheels being sold. Mazdaspeed3 shown for display purposes and is NOT included in the sale. Listing is for 4 wheels and accessories shown.

Sold my 2009 Mazdaspeed3 and am selling off some of the cars upgraded bits and peices. One of which is this beautiful set of 18" BBS RSII's (+40et offset with a 5x114.3 bolt pattern.). This was the last set of these wheels available in the United States and were purchased directly from BBS through their Atlanta GA headquarters. These wheels are simply timeless and give an air of quality and sophistication unlike few other wheels before or since. My first interest in these wheels dates back to the mid 80's when they were first introduced at a then unbelievable $3600. ($8300 when adjusted for inflation!) These are genuine two-piece wheels (unlike so many fake two-piece "look" wheels) that owe their clean looks to some great design touches including invisible valve stems and hidden lugs. These wheels were produced for more then 20 years by BBS and was always one of their premium, flagship offerings...

These wheels saw only 6500 miles prior to being pulled off when the car sold 2 weeks ago. So the wheels are dead true and have only a couple marks (shown below) The chrome finish is excellent as the wheels were regularly maintained by myself, a person with 25 years professional auto detailing experience. The inside of the wheels are as clean as the outside!

Wheel #1 (above).

Wheel #2 (above).

Wheel #3 (above).

Wheel #4 (above).

The valve stem is inserted behind this screw/block off plate. Simply replace the screw with one of the two included air valve stems and adjust tire pressure to desired PSI.

Wheels condition is as follows: Some minor curb rash can be found with only one significant mark to one of the wheels chrome tirm rings. I nicked a curb that was abruptly cut off (and thus sharp edged) which caught the wheel just right, leaving a nice nick in the wheel while doing no damage to the tire. (Would have preferred the tire take one for the team... no such luck.) That particular wheel is not flat spotted out of round or affected in any way by this. There is no alteration to how the wheel performs and other then the chrome that unfortunately flaked off right there, the wheel is otherwise perfect. The remaining 3 wheels are likewise perfectly round and free from any issues. I took pics of most of the obvious marks I could see which the studio lighting will highly exaggerate. If these wheels would fit my new ride, I'd keep them I love them. They are fantastic wheels! But alas, they will just sit here, wrapped up... getting no use and no enjoyment. So I am offering them up here at a HUGE savings over new ones.. which, of course, aren't available anymore.

Wheels even come with optional BBS centercap removal tool as well as a black BBS case that doubles as both a holder for the valve stems as well as a SECOND centercap removal tool. (Simply flip case over and there is a perfect cutout used to lock and unlock the centercaps.

Wheel width is 8.5". I ran 235-40/18's on the car and they fit and looked perfect on this width wheel. Hub bore on this wheel is 71.7mm I believe and I am including the hubcentric rings to fit Mazdaspeed3's (67mm). I tried to verify the hub bore but I do not have a micrometer. The stamping on the wheel is 717 which I believe is the hub bore while the offset is +40et and the inside brake clearance is excellent at 16.25 inches. Even with the huge brakes of the Mazdaspeed3, they cleared with room to spare. These wheels look spectacular one so many cars. For a list of the cars they will fit, it would be best to do your research on the web as I did when purchasing these. I can tell you that these should fit many front wheel drive Mazdas, Honda S2000's and many Toyota/Lexus products including the Camry/ES350 and IS250 and IS350. A good resource I found to cross reference bolt patterns, offsets and hub bores is located


Shipping will be $120 anywhere in the Continenatal United States. I am using wheel specific boxes with proper packing materials so that these wheels arrive in exactly the condition they left in. I will ship the wheels within 3-4 business days of cleared payment via FedEX. I will not ship internationally... do not ask. Overseas fraud and high shipping costs prohibits it. If you are overseas and would like to purchase this simply make sure the bid you are placing is coming from within the U.S. (Ebay blocks foreign bidders on our listings) and that the ship to address is in the 48 continuous United States. I am happy to ship this to a friend or family member so long as they are here on domestic soil. Payment expected within 5 days of auction close. If you cannot pay in this period of time please contact me and we'll work out something convenient for you. I'm easy to deal with and want any transaction I'm involved in to not only be smooth but also a pleasurable experience. Email communications should be sent through eBay's messaging system itself. Paying with PayPal will expedite shipping. Pedals are not included with bikes unless otherwise noted as I figure anyone looking at this level of equipment already has a favorite pedals system. Feel free to contact me, Eric, anytime with any questions you may have. My phone number (858.775.7878) is listed for a reason. I never mind talking about any item I offer for sale. There is no such thing as a stupid question so feel free to ask by email OR phone. Lastly, If you have zero (0) or negative feedback, I ask that you contact me first before bidding. I reserve the right to cancel bids from such members.

18" Bbs Rs2 Rsii Wheels Fits Many Toyota, Honda, Mazda 5x114.3 +40et Beautiful

Check out this great auction!

Current Price: $1298.00 | Bid $0.00 Now! | # of Bids: 0
End Time: 2012-11-26T04:00:00.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 92014

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